Campos City

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The two major skyscrapers in Campos City, as seen from the highway.
Campos City is the major city on the east side of the map. It is situated to the south of Clearview, and is closest to the Goblin Peak settlement Safe Zone.

Campos contains many different structures and opportunities for finding random loot as well as PVP. There are about a dozen or so buildings players can enter, including the hotel, also known as the 6-story building. There is a broken highway which stretches through the city and provides great places for recon and sniping. On the eastern side of Campos City is a military encampment, which is a good place to find military-grade loot. To the south of the military encampment is a construction zone which affords a decent view of the city as well. The northwestern half of the city contains a small suburb, which includes every single type of civilian building.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]