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Welcome to the Infestation: Survivor Stories Wiki
Here you'll find a user-generated, community-driven source of information on Infestation: Survivor Stories, an open-world zombie survival MMO. Please join us and contribute!

Currently, there are 3,070 pages edited by 296,335 users.

Infestation: Survivor Stories' latest patch was on March 26, 2014.
Gameplay - Learn how to play!

Characters - People you'll meet, alive or undead

Clan Index - Public clan listings

Colorado - The current official map

California - Sunny and expansive

  • Development postponed
Weapons - Stuff you can use to hit or shoot things

Equipment - Stuff you can wear

Consumables - Stuff you can eat

Crafting - Stuff you can make

Currency - Buy more stuff!

Vehicles - Stuff you can drive

Survival - Stayin' alive

Combat - The best defense is a good offense

Guides & Tutorials

Skills - Upgrade your survivor


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