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Ammunition allows for the use of weapons in Infestation: The New Z.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ammunition is a broad category comprised of various types of load cartridges, projectiles, and other such items that are used to load into a weapon to deal damage. As a general rule of thumb, ammo should be conserved as much as possible. While this is less of an issue with some weapons, especially pistols, ammunition for higher-end weapons can be harder to find. Additionally, firing off a weapon indiscriminately does two things - it causes weapon drift and lets everyone around you know where you are. Accordingly, you should adopt a conservation mindset as much as possible.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Image Name
100px AK Drum Elite
5.45 AK 45.png 5.45 AK 45
5.45 AK 30.png 5.45 AK 30
Stanag C-Mag.png Stanag C-Mag
Stanag C-Mag Elite.png Stanag C-Mag Elite
Stanag 45.png Stanag 45
Stanag 30.png Stanag 30
100px Famas 30rnd
100px Famas 50rnd
G36 Ammo.png G36 Ammo
VSS-20.png VSS-20
VSS-10.png VSS-10
100px AWP Clip
MP7 40.png MP7 40
MP7 30.png MP7 30
9x19 Para Mag.png 9x19 Para Mag
100px AWM .338 Magnum
P90 50 Rounds.png P90 50 Rounds
Bizon 64 Ammo.png Bizon 64 Ammo
100px SVD 10 Clip
100px SVD 20 Clip
CZ Scorpion EVO-3 Ammo.png CZ Scorpion EVO-3 Ammo
AA-12 Drum.png AA-12 Drum
100px .308 Winchester Mag
9mm Mag.png 9mm Mag
Saiga 10 Ammo.png Saiga 10 Ammo
MP5 10mm Mag.png MP5 10mm Mag
SMG-20 Ammo.png SMG-20 Ammo
SMG-40 Ammo.png SMG-40 Ammo
Desert Eagle Ammo.png Desert Eagle Ammo
5.7 FN Mag.png 5.7 FN Mag
G36 C-Mag.png G36 C-Mag
PKM Ammo Box.png PKM Ammo Box
M249 Ammo Box.png M249 Ammo Box
100px .50 BMG 10 Clip
100px .50 BMG Mag
100px .338 AWM Clip
100px Kruger Rifle Mag