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This article contains potentially outdated content relating to the previous game Infestation: Survivor Stories and may need to be updated for the The New Z. You can help Infestation: The New Z Wiki by updating it.

An interactive map to survive in WarZ.[1]

The map is 10km of playable area.

Players have access to the map from the moment they spawn in-game. They are also able to mark way points. The map is not an item and is not able to be dropped or lost on death.

Currently the only playable map is Colorado, however, DLC (Downloadable Content) or free expansion maps may be released in the future.

Maps include Safe Settlements. These settlements offer a hub for players to exchange Loot such as Weapons and Consumables. The Marketplace will also be available in order for players to use Currency. Finally, these settlements will be where players come to take part in Social Rewards such as the Bounty Board.

The map is fully cleared. The messy pixelated area was just because the map was not finished, you do not need to explore to clear the map.

The writing on the map may be hard to read. Some players recommend printing out a physical copy.

As of 1/22/13 it is possible to zoom in on the map, using the (+) and (-) buttons at the bottom center. (zoom in & zoom out respectively)

Colorado[edit | edit source]

The original map.

WarZ region's location on Earth. http://www.warzwiki.com/images/f/fe/WarZ_Map.png

IGN and PCGamer magazines did a full scaled test of the area and concluded: This map has a 10km Squared of play area.

California[edit | edit source]

A new map in production/creation right now (1-15-2013) According to the forums a chosen few players will be flown out to the home studios to provide the development team with actual player input!

Rumors[edit | edit source]

In-game a few players have been passing around a rumor that a new "Infected" map is being created. They caution all to gather/hoard the CD-1 inoculations for it.

Interactive Map[edit | edit source]

This is an interactive map that help you a lot to survive in WarZ.




References[edit | edit source]

1/22/13 patch notes