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Introduction[edit | edit source]

To give players a better understanding of how this game works combined with the different game modes we have decided to finally once and for all make the entire main menu more 'logical'. Another reason why we did this is because it's a big basis to use for the new 2 game-modes: Competitive & Survival. With this system implemented we have a solid basis to work from which is going to make the whole process easier and faster.

The system / selection simply divides the menu into 4 different parts (2 for now). Every menu adapts to the selected game mode and for every game mode there will be a different character / characters. A very cool addition on top of this is that this now gives players the ability to have a different character just for that single game mode (like Battle Royale). This means statistics for those game modes will now also save and gives us a lot of possibilities, for example: We can create entirely separated Battle Royale leaderboards, We can make a different Battle Royale Skill Tree etc.

Most important is that this change will be the basis for the other 2 game modes that we want to release soon. We felt like we needed to clear this out before releasing the game modes because how the game modes currently work is not very 'logical'. Also, for all the Battle Royale players out there; there's much more to play for! Your character statistics now all save instead of 'just the win of Battle Royale', and together with the ranked system even every Battle Royale game you play Is going to count, even if you end 10th place. Basically, this creates much more reason to play which is something we really like and want to take with us for the other 2 game modes too.

Ranked System[edit | edit source]

Ranked has been something "Coming Soon" for a long time in the game and we felt very forced and needed to finally finish this! Also, this is a perfect example of the mindset we like to follow listed earlier: "this creates much more reason to play".

When you are unranked it will show you this:

Ranked - No Rank.png

Ranked will work independently for every game mode. This means that for every game mode players will be able to have different ranks. There is, however, some similarities for example:

  • There will be 6 tiers that each have 3 divisions (levels) so in total there are 18 ranks different ranks a player can be in.
  • Progress between the ranks is the same for every game mode.
  • There will not be 'promotions' to rank up (like League of Legends for example) so ranking up will always be instant.
  • Progress of the ranks goes as following:

Wood - I, II, III

Ranked - Wood 1.png Ranked - Wood 2.png Ranked - Wood 3.png

Bronze - I, II, III

Ranked - Bronze 1.png Ranked - Bronze 2.png Ranked - Bronze 3.png

Silver - I, II, III

Ranked - Silver 1.png Ranked - Silver 2.png Ranked - Silver 3.png

Gold - I, II, III

Ranked - Gold 1.png Ranked - Gold 2.png Ranked - Gold 3.png

Master - I, II, III

Ranked - Master 1.png Ranked - Master 2.png Ranked - Master 3.png

Elite - I, II, III

Ranked - Elite 1.png Ranked - Elite 2.png Ranked - Elite 3.png

The Open World Ranking System[edit | edit source]

To define a players rank in Open World we work with an Open World ELO. A player's Open World ELO is a value in our database (not visible for the actual player) that defines the player's skill. The Open World ELO gets calculated through an algorithm in our database. The algorithm uses a lot of statistics from the player to calculate the ELO, this makes the Open World ELO / Ranking System very competitive and on top of that there is not really a way for players to cheat in this system by for example boosting. A good thing to know about the Open World ranking system is that a player's ELO gets calculated using all 5 characters of the Open World game mode. (So not just 1 character but actually all 5)

How to get your Open World rank?[edit | edit source]

Getting an Open World rank works with placement sessions. These sessions are however not visible to players so players don't technically know how much longer they have to play before they get their first rank. On an average level a player will get his Open World rank after around half a day of playing. After a player get's his Open World rank a progress bar will become visible indicating how much more points are needed to rank up or rank down.

How to rank up in Open World?[edit | edit source]

The Open World rank is session based, however, it doesn't particularly update after every session. (sessions can be seen as joining a server and logging out from one) Your Open World rank is based on your ELO (explained earlier). For every Open World session you play your ELO will be updated and based on that your rank will be updated. Please keep in mind that your rank doesn't always update instantly.

The Battle Royale Ranking System[edit | edit source]

Just as like in the Open World game mode the Battle Royale game mode works with a Battle Royale ELO. The Battle Royale ELO of a player is again a value in our database (not visible for the actual player) that defines the player's skill. However, the Battle Royale ELO gets calculated in an entire different way than the Open World ELO. The Battle Royale ELO gets defined by getting an average ending place of all the Battle Royale games the player has ever played.

How to get your Battle Royale rank?[edit | edit source]

To get your Battle Royale rank you'll have to play your first 10 'placement' games. (This is also indicated when hovering your rank in the Battle Royale menu, a player can also see how many placement games are left by doing this)

How to rank up in Battle Royale?[edit | edit source]

Your Battle Royale rank updates after every Battle Royale game you play. To rank up you'll have to higher up your average Battle Royale ending place. (What ever place you finish a Battle Royale)

The Survival Ranking System[edit | edit source]

We are not sure yet how this ranking system is going to work. More coming soon!

The Competitive Ranking System[edit | edit source]

We are also not sure yet how this ranking system is going to work but this one will be the most advanced one for sure. This ranking system will also work with points and be linked to competitive games. Winning will give + points, losing -. We might work with promotions but that all we are not sure yet. More will follow soon!