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A group of Zombies looking for their next meal.

Zombies are the most prominent figure in the New Z universe. These flesh starved undead souls will go to whatever lengths to be able to feed on the bodies of the living. Zombies consist of the physical form of a human who had died from becoming infected with the Zombie Virus, which kills them within a certain period of time. The zombie's bodies are rotting and decaying forms, and can be noticed from long distances due to discoloration of the skin, awkward walking form, and seemingly mindless actions, as well as obvious blood smears from the struggle that took place while the previous human was becoming infected.

In order to kill a zombie, you must shoot at them or hit them with a Melee Weapon. Body shots will require more shots than shooting at their heads. Shooting at their heads only requires one hit. This applies to both melee weapons and gunshots. However, while all guns will kill a zombie in one headshot, melee weapons vary in effectiveness against zombies.

Zombies cannot climb ladders or walls. Barricading yourself inside a structure is one way to avoid them. Jumping on a truck may protect you, but the zombies will continue to try to attack you, and will attack you if they are close enough. If you jump on a car, the zombies will often be able to climb it or even attack you from the side of the vehicle.

Zombies sometimes lie down on the ground and will not react unless disturbed by a nearby sound. These sleeping zombies can often be very hard to detect if they are lying down in tall grass or on bugged terrain.

Sprinting Zombies[edit | edit source]

A large percentage of zombies now spawn with the ability to sprint. A zombie's sprint is slightly faster than a survivor's sprint, and these zombies are easily able to catch up to and attack a survivor, even if they are sprinting away. Due to certain lag (frame-rate) issues and server latency, it sometimes appears as if these zombies are teleporting. Visually, there is no way to ascertain if a zombie is able to sprint or not unless they are chasing a survivor.

Screamer Zombies[edit | edit source]

A very rare mutation of the zombie virus, Screamers appear to act like any other regular zombie, walking or running, same model clothing and height. However upon becoming alerted to human presence, this zombie will let out a very loud scream, alerting any and all zombies including sleeping zombies, to amass a horde that will all chase the targeted human.

These zombies have no other defining characteristics, as they appear to have identical HP, movement, detection radius and XP, so they are impossible to spot before they have screamed.

The Super Zombie.

Super Zombies[edit | edit source]

Super Zombies are approximately 2 meters tall, wearing only lower body clothing, and have a herculean build of muscles all over its body. They are easily identified by their "albino" skin, and ape-like temperament even when not alerted, these zombies can on occasion let out a small roar and beat their chest in a show of strength, however, this is not a zombie to take lightly.Upon meeting one, their noticeable behavior is that they appear to have double the detection radius of regular zombies, and react more to movement than sound their footsteps are what give their proximity away (if near this zombie don't try to run. You must crouch or you will get caught and die), as this can be heard from up to 60-70 meters away, giving a fair advance warning when close to one. Upon their alert of human presence, they charge forwards to their target, and withing 3 meters of its target, begins swinging powerful punches that have a larger range than a player's melee range If by some chance they lose the ability to hit their target or are stopped from doing so, they can let out a loud roar that acts like a screamer's abilities, able to bring in any zombies in the area. They have immense health amounts, as it takes close to 25 Saiga shots at close range to kill one, or a couple of PKM ammo boxes (better to take chest shots) furthermore, they cannot be killed easily with lower caliber weapons as it is rumored that they have the ability for slow HP regeneration, so waiting between shots, or shooting weak guns is an ineffective method to killing one. The only good news about the Super Zombie is the reward for killing one, upon their death whoever dealt the killing blow will receive a substantial 2500 XP with a Normal Account.

Users with the following accounts will get the following XP when killing a Super Zombie

During Double XP Events and you have one of these accounts, it will double the XP. So you will get 10,000 XP when killing a Super Zombie.